What is Karma ?

Karma Ultimate Teen Nightlife is exactly as it sounds :) We strive to give teens the best nightlife experience available in a fun yet safe way. Karma was founded in 2006 in Myrtle Beach South Carolina, by Larry Frakes and Jeff Martin. DJ Jeff Martin was a national touring DJ that has worked for MTV, Resident DJ at The House Of Blues, Plus clubs and concert halls across the country. Martin also served as Resident DJ and Talent Coordinator for the legenday Attic Teen Club located at the historic Myrtle Beach Pavillion. After almost 50 years the Attic was torn down in 2005. Martin teamed up with Frakes to create a place where teen nightlife was brought to a whole new level and Karma was born. For the past 5 years Karma has been voted #1 teen club on the east coast. We strive to give our guests the best experience possible. And we are proud to call Hilton Head Island our next new home!

Safety First!

We at Karma Ultimate Teen Nightlife pride ourselves in what it takes to provide a fun safe environment for teens. Our highly trained security staff works very hard to see that all our guests are well taken care of and are able to experience the best time ever! There is a ZERO tollerance policy towards Alcohol or Drugs any where near the property. Karma is also 100% non smoking. Our staff also security wands anyone that comes through the door just as an added safety measure.

Dress Code

When in doubt dress to impress :) The Dress code for Karma is as follows, No Bandana’s or Do Rags of any kind, No Excessive Long shirts or T’s, No Wife beater T’s, No excessive Baggy Pants. Ladies no Bikini’s or Swimwear tops. In other words you are coming to The NUMBER 1 Teen Club in the Southeast, dress to impress :)

How Old Do You Have to Be To Come To Karma?

Karma was built for teens only :) You must be between the ages of 13-19 to attend Karma. Although Younger or Older people may attend birthday parties or other private events booked outside of normal business hours. If you are interested in hosting your birthday party or event at Karma Call (843) 424-4016.